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Grow with the Flow: Guesscreative's Book List for Personal Growth

Updated: Jan 2

We become what we think about. I want to share some of the most powerful books that I've read over the years. I know no one reads anymore but these books are my strongest recommendations to shift your perspective on life and yourself. Each book is linked to Amazon so you can order an interesting book with the quickness. I find myself attached to my phone so I try to put down the phone and pick up a good book.

The Way Of The Superior Man is a must read for every young man discovering what manhood means to him. I would make it required reading if I could. The book discusses mindset, purpose, dealing with women, intimacy and your dark side.

The biggest concept that I learned from this book is that when a woman complains to you about a problem, (unless she asks) she just wants you to listen. Don't try to fix everything. That easily dissolved the tension in a lot of conversation that I've had with women over the years.

"Every moment waited is a moment wasted, and each wasted moment degrades your clarity of purpose"

This is more of a dense & intellectual read but it breaks down the ancient African origins still prevalent in our unconscious thinking. It's very insightful. It touches on the African diaspora, the soul, spirituality, religion, medicine, Kemetic Egypt, Mysticism, Psychology, Philosophy, the perception of Black people & Yoga.

"Matter is repressed light, and light is the most subtle expression of spirit."

This book explains how accomplishment is not a hindrance to the spiritual path but a means of developing the ability to achieve what one wishes and ultimately to achieve the purpose of one's life. It is one of my favorite books that explains purpose, mindset, desire, self-discipline, mastery, & the knowledge of self.

"If man does not realize the kingdom of God within himself, nor realize his spirit to be a king, he does not accomplish the purpose of life."

"The wise speak with their mind many times before they speak about it to anybody."


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