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Just Be: Simple Thoughts From a Different Perspective

Updated: May 11

Gueston Smith


  • One thing is for certain is You Exist: We can never change that. You can not become non-existent because by definition anything non-existent does not exist. How does your existence make a difference in the lives of the people you love most?

  • Everything is Here & Now. The Past can't Be Changed and the Future is Unknown. We Only Have Control Over What We Thing and Feel Right Now.

  • The One is the All. The All are the One. Everything & Everyone is Connected. It Gets Deep. The Atom Operates in the Same Way as the Universe. Each Choice You Make Is Connected To An Outcome. Find Your Awareness of This In Your Daily Life.

  • What You Put Out is What You Get Back. Keep Going. Move With Love. Have Faith that Things Will Work Out in the Way It Should.

  • Everything Else Changes Except the 1st Four things

Thoughts To Share

Do What You Do because You Enjoy it.

Find Peace in the Quiet. Set Time for Yourself in Silence & Observe Within. Make No Judgements to Your Thoughts. Observe, Understand & Accept. Over Time, Your Mind Will Quiet Down and Your Light Will Shine Through.

Just Be.

If You Thought of it. It's Already Yours. You Just Have to Realize It.

You Would Not Have Had the Thought If You Couldn't Make it Happen. Go For It.

Just Be.

The Reason Why You Want to Be Better is the Same Reason Why You Aren't.

Just Be.

Pay Attention to the Feelings and Thoughts That You Prefer & Act On Them.

Act Like the Version of You Want to Become.

Just Be.

Live, Explore, Seek New Knowledge, Perspective and Wisdom.

Opening Your Mind Will Change Your Life.

Just Be.

Build Your Confidence By Proving To Yourself that You Can Do What You Say. Confidence is Built On the Small Wins that You Gain Over Time. Root Your Self Perspective in Your Self Knowing. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses.

Build Upon Them.

Just Be.

Our Lives are Realized by Our Choices. Make Them Healthy.

Have the Courage to Choose What Brings You Joy.

Just Be.

Your Mind, Body & Spirit are Powerful Beyond Your Imagination. Healing Starts in the Mind. Believe that You Are Healthy and Make That Healthy Choice Today. Imagine Your Body Healing Itself and Eat that Cleansing Food. Workout.

Never Stop Moving. We are Atrophic, Without Regular Movement & active use, Our Minds & Bodies Tend to Deteriorate and Decay.

Focus & Consistency on the Healthy Choices Will Change Your Life.

All Good Things Take Time. Don't Chase Immediate Gratification.

Just Be.

Take the Path of Least Resistance but Most Fulfillment.

Just Be.



Shoutout to Nate Howard @MovementBE

You Inspire me. I'm Grateful For You Man.

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