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Designer Creates an Organic Mobile Pop Up Retail Design Concept for Rapper, Larry June.

Updated: Jul 27

I am an architectural designer / entrepreneur focused on strategizing, designing and coordinating the build of useful spaces for people. I'm on a journey to design my own life and I focus on using the skills that I've acquired to help others. I am a graduate from the University of Southern California's School of Architecture. When I want to know something, I research, learn and apply. I strive to create high quality, scalable and useful assets through design for people, businesses & brands who want to provide something innovative to their consumer base. That Design strategy is also known as design thinking or solving problems through design. Design thinking is at its best when seemingly unrelated concepts are combined together to create design that are current, aesthetically pleasing, easily understood and useful. The most successful designs are often those that are so simple that people wonder why they haven't been done before. We see this in products like Tesla cars (Electric SMART Vehicles), Nest thermostats (SMART Thermostats), and Apple Watches (wearable technology), which combine seemingly disparate concepts to create something innovative and valuable. By introducing different concepts into mobile retail experiences, retailers can create experiences that appeal to a wide range of customers. For example, integrating virtual and augmented reality into mobile retail experiences can provide customers with immersive experiences that allow them to see how products might look in different environments or settings. Integrating food and beverage options can provide customers with a unique and memorable experience that goes beyond just shopping. Integrating fitness and wellness experiences can attract customers who are interested in health and wellness. Integrating technology and innovation can create a futuristic and cutting-edge experience that attracts tech-savvy customers. Integrating art and culture can create a unique and engaging experience that celebrates the local community.

Pop-ups are usually open for a short period of time which taps into the “get-it-before-it’s-gone,” fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) mentality. When we’re constantly craving the next thing, pop-ups can help satisfy our desire for the new. They also give us something to talk about and share with others at a time when experiences are a greater currency than ever.

An example of a successful pop-up experiential that integrates seemingly unrelated concepts is the Adidas Runbase in Berlin. This pop-up shop combines fitness and retail by offering running classes, training sessions, and gear sales all in one place. The solution that We are presenting is how can we create an experience that is completely mobile.

These methods are particularly true in the emerging industry of mobile retail, where brands and entrepreneurs are finding new ways to create scalable, engaging and memorable experiences for customers. Mobile pop-up shops are the future of retail because of the flexibility and the limitless opportunities they can provide for businesses and brands. Authenticity with brand engagement will lead to more consumer loyalty and connections. By tapping into the fear-of-missing-out mentality and providing customers with something new and exciting, mobile pop-ups can amplify brands and connect with customers in different markets. However, it is important to be aware of the potential challenges and limitations of mobile pop-up experiences and take steps to address them. While mobile pop-up shops have the potential to amplify brands, there are challenges and limitations to consider, such as finding suitable locations and permits, transportation and logistics, and ensuring safety and security. However, by partnering with experienced pop-up shop designers and logistics companies, brands can address these challenges and invest in high-quality infrastructure and security measures.

Mobile Pop Up Retail Shops are the future. "Ultimately, it comes down to who your customers are, where they are, and how they want you to show up." - Shopify

Mobility gives an advantage over traditional brick & mortal pop up experiences purely because brands are able to meet their market where they are at. Create excitement by dropping your next pop up location and extend your brand to different markets quickly. The concept is simple. Determine the experience that expresses your brand's core values. Choose a location, pull up, connect to power and open the doors to your intended market. Combining architecture, immersive pop up retail experiences, branding and trailer infrastructure creates limitless opportunities. There's so much impact to be made on local communities, memories to be created, money to be made and connections / communities to be developed from having physical branded mobile spaces that can be taken from market to market.

The Larry June Mobile Experience:

What you just watched was the proposal of an asset for a "very peaceful" rapper named Larry June. If you're not familiar with the artist, I'll leave a link at the bottom of this blog for you to listen for yourself, if interested. I developed this concept for my own personal growth. I challenged myself to design / strategize something useful that would bring additional revenue and brand exposure to a client. The experience is designed from a trailer because the department of transportation infrastructure is already in place. The key is not to reinvent the wheel but to iterate and improve on the possibilities of today to create memorable scalable experiences.

The Larry June Mobile Experience is an example of a mobile pop-up shop that uses the trailer infrastructure to create a healthy, unique and engaging retail experience inspired by June's Orange Print album. On the album, the Bay area legend, Larry June articulates his own vision for success using themes of health, wealth, positivity, dating, peace and adding additional streams of income. The space was designed to be a mobile experience that expresses the feeling of his music.

I look for design inspiration in my everyday environment to create something I'd like to see myself. Music is a big inspiration for me on my life journey. As we all know, music is what brings people together. It's what gets us out of bed. It's what gets us through our highest highs and or lowest lows. Music is the soundtrack to our lives.

I listen to music everyday and I am sure the majority of you do too. In listening to one of my favorite rap artists, Larry June, one day the thought came to mind.

What could Larry June's branded pop up experience look like? How would that space feel?

So I began to imagine a space that expressed what I feel when listening to his music, particularly his Orange Print Album. His music makes me feel motivated to work on myself. It makes me feel good, determined and peaceful. It makes me think of riding in a convertible sports car on a sunny sunday afternoon with the my favorite shades on. Its empowering.

Given my experience in designing factory built housing and pop up retail experiences, I wanted to maximize the space that could be used for this organic experience. We see large cargo / shipping containers being pulled on the freeway all day, everyday. Why not reimagine the way we can use the infrastructure to our benefit? Not every retail space needs to be permanent.

I began to design the experience using custom 8'-0"W x 40'-0"L x 9'-6" light gauge steel modular structure fixed to a custom 40' gooseneck trailer. This configuration allows for the flexibility of mobility since our transportation infrastructure is already developed around these spatial constraints. The key was to make sure that the experience looks luxury instead of industrial or utilitarian. Since the concept was inspired by the Orange Print album, I figured what better opportunity than to use the album cover as the exterior vinyl wrap of this mobile experience. The album cover already had green and orange as its main colors so it was perfect. The colors evoke a sense of peace & vitality. The juxtaposition of cool and warm colors express Larry June's cool vibe but healthy energy. I wanted to maximize that color choices in this experience.

Larry June's music often mentions his love for fresh juice, smoothies & bike riding so it was only natural that I integrated a smoothie bar and biking into the organic immersive experience. As you can see in the design renderings below, the layout of the space was designed to express a healthy environment with a cohesive layout that optimizes both of the spaces. Ride a bike & drink a smoothie. This scalable experience would provide value for Larry June and for the local communities. Imagine being able to stop by this experience, break a sweat cycling while listening to Larry June's albums (album streams go up for Larry), sip on some fresh juice and connect with mutual fans who naturally will be individuals working to improve themselves. A like minded community would develop with consistency, naturally. If Larry June actually were to make guest appearances to this mobile experience, this asset would do numbers. Something like this would cost somewhere between $180-$220K and can be used repeatedly.

A few additional considerations into the design would be to integrate sustainable solutions such as solar panels for powering the space, LED lighting, an atmospheric water generator for the smoothie bar and recycled materials. We have to continue to push the limits of sustainability.

This project is purely conceptual as I haven't been able to reach his team but it shows the capacity of Guesscreative to develop creative assets for brand exposure and community engagement. The Larry June Mobile Experience is a unique and imaginative concept that combines culture, music, shipping container design, holistic health, cycling and pop up retail. By incorporating sustainable solutions like solar panels and recycled materials, the Larry June brand demonstrates a commitment to both environmental responsibility and community engagement. As he would say, the organic experience is doing NUMBERS.

Has this idea inspired any ideas for a dope mobile brand experience for your business? What seemingly unrelated concepts could you combine to create something memorable that connects to the people? We're about creating communities and building wealth. If you'd like to learn more about how we can create your custom mobile retail space, check out this blog post

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