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Blueprints to Reality: Transforming Cerritos College with Innovative Container Design

Updated: Jan 22

Cerritos College Shipping Container Unit Designed by Guesscreative


Scope of Work: Luxury Custom Shipping Container Facilities Storage Unit

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Lead Designer & Project Manager: Guesscreative LLC

Structural Engineer: Urbatect Development LLC

Container Fabricator: Linked Equipment

Crane Services: Advanced Crane

Embarking on a journey where ingenuity intersects with design, Guesscreative LLC was approached in December 2022 with an exhilarating opportunity. The task: to conceptualize, engineer, and bring to life a custom Facilities Storage Unit for Cerritos College in Los Angeles County. This project was not merely a contract; it is a gateway to our future in innovative design solutions and a testament to our commitment to flawless execution. Let us take you behind the scenes of this creative endeavor that wove together the threads of challenge and excitement, culminating in a unique space where form meets function with effortless grace.

Cerritos College Campus

Our vision for Cerritos College was to craft a space that would not only serve its practical purpose but also become a hub of campus life. The initial blueprint featured a charming bagel shop, thoughtfully arranged within the embrace of two 20' High Cube Shipping Containers. These containers, placed a mere 8 feet apart, were united by a welcoming covered pergola. The intricacies of the design were carefully considered—while one container was poised to serve an array of bagels and refreshments, the other was to be a haven where students and faculty could convene for a moment of reprieve.

Shipping Container Bagel Shop Sketch

Yet, true creativity flourishes within constraints. Our ability to adapt and innovate was put to the test when budgetary realities steered the project towards a more cost-effective design. The revised plan included one 20' and one 10' High Cube Shipping Container, both meticulously reimagined to not only meet the financial framework but also to maintain the essence of luxury and innovation that Guesscreative strives for.

Custom Shipping Container Storage Unit

Custom 20' Shipping Container Concession Stand

Shipping Container Facilties Storage Unit Elevations

In transforming this vision into reality, ambiance was paramount. We curated details that would resonate with elegance and functionality: three majestic 72" exterior lighting fixtures to cast an inviting glow, an automatic serving window that promised efficiency with a touch of modernity, provisions for a TV that would enrich the dining experience, and a striking perforated screen that artistically concealed the essential utilities.

Every element of this project was infused with our signature blend of design expertise and business acumen. From the grand concept to the nuts and bolts of engineering, Guesscreative delivered a space that embodies our ethos: exceptional design, seamless coordination, and a result that not only fulfills its intended purpose but also enhances the fabric of campus life.

In reflection, the challenges we faced became invaluable lessons that reinforced our approach to business. Dealing with unforeseen delays and setting firm expectations has taught us the importance of flexibility, clear communication, and structured contingency planning. It's these experiences that allow us to refine our processes, ensuring that we not only meet but also anticipate the needs and potential obstacles of future projects.

The journey from blueprints to reality was paved with moments of intense collaboration, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to our vision. The final product not only mirrors the initial concept but stands as a resilient structure that embodies the very spirit of Cerritos College – a place where functionality and aesthetic appeal coalesce to inspire.

As we move forward, Guesscreative is poised to take on new challenges, transform spaces, and create designs that resonate with purpose and passion. We believe that our journey with Cerritos College is just the beginning of many more success stories to come. Join us as we turn visionary concepts into tangible experiences that not only meet the present demands but also shape the future of architectural design.

Let us take you behind the scenes of this creative endeavor that wove together the threads of challenge and excitement, culminating in a unique space where form meets function with effortless grace. Whether you're an entrepreneur, corporate leader, business owner, or part of an institution, we invite you to experience the Guesscreative difference—where every project is a narrative of innovation and every design is a journey towards the extraordinary.


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