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Designer Creates the First Adults Only Shipping Container Trampoline Park (Investment Opportunity)

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

I have this Adults Only modular trampoline park business concept on my mind. I'm not going to use it anytime soon but I still wanted to explore the idea. I enjoy strategizing. I enjoy learning. I definitely enjoy designing experiential spaces.

Realistically, I actually want to see this concept in the world. I grew up on a trampoline so I know how fun it can be. So I'm putting the concept out for free. Read this & think on it. Do your research. If you do decide to make it happen, consider Guesscreative LLC in helping you make it happen and plan on giving us a lifetime membership to attend the park. Thank you.

Don't mind my sketches. These were created a few years ago but you can start to understand the flow.

Business Model: Adults Only Modular Constructed Trampoline Park / VR Arcade - 1600 SF

I want to introduce a business model for a Modular Trampoline Park / VR Arcade.


  • The adults-only aspect of the business would attract a specific demographic that may not be interested in visiting a traditional trampoline park.

  • Modular construction of the park allows for easy growth, scalability & state approval.

  • Modular Construction speeds up & replicates the build process. A prototype would serve a lot of insight before scaling.

  • The addition of VR games and equipment would provide an additional source of revenue and attract a different customer base.

  • The revenue-sharing model for the VR arcade would provide a low-cost option for the business to offer VR experiences without having to purchase and maintain the equipment themselves.

  • Potential business structure allows for Autonomous events if everyone signs a waiver to access park. Occupants to be responsible for themselves. Only bartender & security needed.

  • The business could also expand by adding more steel modules and equipment to the existing park to increase capacity and attract more customers. Additional Modular experiences can be designed such as Rock Climbing, Baseball Simulator, Basketball Court, Laser Tag Course, etc.


  • The adults-only aspect may limit the potential customer base and make it more difficult to attract a large number of customers. Music and atmosphere will be extremely important. Dim lighting around all areas except for the trampoline park may be a powerful solution. It would be extremely fun.

  • A VR arcade may require additional staff and training to ensure the equipment is properly maintained and operated. To eliminate this, use standard arcade games.

Adding in the fact that the business is adults-only with a bar would likely have a positive impact on the projections for each of the business models, as it provides additional revenue streams from alcohol sales. However, it's important to note that the projections would also depend on the local laws and regulations regarding alcohol sales and consumption. Here are some potential adjustments to the previous projections:

  1. Pay-per-use: Assuming an admission fee of $40 per person, with an average of 500 customers per month, an average of $5 additional revenue per customer from additional activities and promotions, and an average of $15 per customer from alcohol sales, the gross monthly income would be $30,000.

  2. Membership-based: Assuming a monthly membership fee of $75, with an average of 100 members per month, an average of $10 additional revenue per member from perks, discounts, and promotions, and an average of $20 per member from alcohol sales, the gross monthly income would be $10,500.

  3. Event-based: Assuming an average of 10 private events per month, each with an average of 50 guests and a rental fee of $1000 per event, an average of $500 additional revenue per event from additional services and packages, and an average of $500 per event from alcohol sales, the gross monthly income would be $20,000.

It's important to note that these projections are based on assumptions and may vary depending on factors such as location, competition, and marketing strategies. Additionally, it's also important to consider the expenses associated with running the business such as staffing, insurance, and marketing when determining the overall profitability of the business.

Here are options to increase profitability.

  1. Offering classes and workshops: By offering classes and workshops on trampoline tricks, parkour, and art, the business can attract customers who are interested in learning new skills and provide an additional revenue stream.

  2. Virtual reality experiences: Adding virtual reality experiences to the arcade section of the park could attract customers who are looking for new and exciting experiences.

  3. Memberships: Offering monthly or annual memberships that provide discounts on admission and merchandise as well as exclusive access to events and classes could increase customer loyalty and generate recurring revenue.

  4. Partnerships: Partnering with local fitness studios or sports teams could attract customers who are interested in fitness and sports. The business could also partner with local art schools or galleries to attract art enthusiasts.

  5. Expanding the food and beverage offering: By adding a restaurant or bar to the park, the business could attract customers who are looking for a more complete experience and increase revenue from food and beverage sales.

  6. Online ticket sales: By offering online ticket sales, the business could reach a wider customer base and reduce lines at the park.

  7. Social media marketing: By using social media to promote the park, the business could reach a wider customer base and attract customers who are interested in trampoline parks, art, and arcades.

  8. Expanding the amount of trampolines and open space.

  9. Expanding the range of activities: By adding new activities such as rock climbing, laser tag, or obstacle courses, the business can attract more customers and increase revenue.

  10. Increase pricing for admission and private event rentals: By increasing the prices for admission and private event rentals, the business can generate more revenue without increasing the number of customers.

  11. Introduce new activities: Adding new activities such as ninja courses, obstacle courses, or virtual reality experiences can attract new customers and increase repeat visits from existing customers.

  12. Offer membership packages: Introducing membership packages can provide a consistent stream of revenue and incentivize customers to visit the park more often.

  13. Partner with local businesses: Partnering with local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, or transportation companies can provide additional revenue streams and attract customers from outside the area.

  14. Sell additional merchandise: Offering a wide range of merchandise such as clothing, accessories, and souvenirs can increase revenue and provide additional branding opportunities.

  15. Offer food and beverage options: Offering a variety of food and beverage options such as a café or snack bar can increase revenue and provide a more complete experience for customers.

  16. Offer Brunch-time Specials

  17. Host special events: Hosting special events such as themed nights, concerts, or competitions can attract additional customers and generate additional revenue through ticket sales and sponsorships.

  18. Create a digital platform: Creating a website and social media presence can help attract customers, promote special events and offers, and increase brand awareness.

  19. Expand to other locations: Expanding the business to other locations can increase revenue and reach a larger customer base.

  20. Advertise and market the business: Investing in advertising and marketing can help attract new customers and increase awareness of the business.

If you got to the end of this, Thank you for reading. I needed to get this idea out. It's been on my mind for years. What better than to share them with you.

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