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Founded by award-winning architectural designer Gueston Smith, Guesscreative is a multi-disciplinary design agency dedicated to empowering businesses and the everyday person making it happen through creative collaboration and innovative design thinking. We believe that first impressions matter – it’s about how you show up, what you have on, and the confidence you carry within.

Guesscreative brings your vision to life by designing and managing the custom fabrication of luxury mobile business trailers, mobile pop-up shops, and movable spaces tailored to your brand experience. Take Your Business On the Go & Adapt with Our Evolving Society. From Movable office spaces to retail environments, our innovative and flexible mobile solutions are ideal for a variety of applications, including mobile classrooms, mobile construction site offices, wellness spaces, and immersive brand experiences.

We provide creative tools and resources you need to better present yourself and your brand to the world. Specializing in creating impactful first impressions, we design + build for change-makers, entrepreneurs, universities, businesses, and the everyday person making it happen. Our products and services are crafted to ensure you show up confidently, stylishly, and authentically.


Award-Winning Architectural Designer | Certified Professional Building Designer | Modular & Shipping Container Residential Structure Design & Fabrication Consultant | USC School of Architecture Alum '15 | Mobile Expandable Trailer Design Dealer


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It is remarkable how far our society has advanced. We now have autonomous driving cars, high end luxury automobile fabrication, artificial intelligence, decentralized blockchain capabilities and clean power. I believe that the spaces we occupy deserve this same level of innovation.


In architecture, we transform boundless space into defined limits that form our environments, shelters, and structures. We harness the vast expanse of existence into permanent usable spaces that have the power to influence our moods, behaviors, well-being, and provide a sense of place. This raises an important question: Does a space need to be fixed or stationary to have a positive impact?


I see a world where movable, customizable spaces are accessible, rapidly deployable, adaptable and highly functional. Through thoughtful design, we can transform architecture's role in our lives. Movable spaces can be tailored to individual needs or communal purposes, adapting in real-time to environmental and social changes. This flexibility could significantly enhance our well-being and productivity." - Gueston Smith

  • Design Development Consultancy: Design Thinking, Research & Ideas to improve / innovate your product

  • Mobile Business Trailers: Design and build luxury mobile business trailers / mobile pop up shops tailored to your specific needs, from office spaces to retail environments. These innovative and flexible mobile solutions are suitable for businesses, including mobile classrooms, wellness spaces, and brand experiences.

  • Modulux Expandable Units: Custom Sleek Expandable Trailers & Pods - Next Level Movable Spaces.

  • Modular Buildings (Pool Houses, Gyms, ADUs): Conceptual Design Packages, Construction Document Packages, HCD Modular Residence Review, Design Consultancy

  • Custom Electric ATVs For Sale

  • Logo Design: Simple, modern, & clean logos designed especially for you and your business. 

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  • Guesscreative Apparel: Explore our unique collection of inspirational clothing designed to empower and elevate.

  • Luxury Sneakers: Discover our range of luxury designer sneakers, perfect for business professionals and those who value style, activity and comfort.

  • Blog: Dive into our insights on design, self-development, and growth mindset. Stay updated with the latest trends and innovative ideas in the world of modular and mobile design.

  • Case Studies: Learn about some of the  projects we've been working on through creative design and strategic thinking.

  • Our Story: Get to know the journey of Guesscreative, from our humble beginnings to becoming a leader in modular and mobile design.

  • Meet Gueston Smith: Discover the vision and inspiration behind Guesscreative, led by award-winning designer and entrepreneur Gueston Smith.

Luxury Shipping Container Office Building

V A S S E  R E N D E Z V O U S  O U T D O O R  V E N U E  C O N T A I N E R  L O U N G E 

C U S T O M  P R O J E C T S 


My Sister's Keeper.






Talyia Vasse Smith


“I think Gueston is such a brilliant guest. I love everything that dude puts into the world. He is incredibly creative."

Brian Lofrumento Testimonial - Wantrepreneur To EntrepreneurBrian Lofrumento
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Brian Lofrumento / Entrepreneur, Speaker, Podcaster

“On behalf of Vassé Rendezvous, a heartfelt thank you to Gueston Smith with Guesscreative for transforming our vision into the stunning shipping container lounge (office), we now call Vassé Rendezvous Lounge.  We're in complete awe from concept to the gorgeous reveal - what an incredible journey! Your talent has truly given life to a piece of art that reflects everything Vassé Rendezvous stands for: sophistication in the beauty of outdoors, for outdoor events, entertainment and experiences. The praise from our visitors has been overwhelming, a testament to your design's unique impact.  We eagerly anticipate more projects together, valuing your vision and expertise as we continue to redefine outdoor elegance. Your dedication to this design masterpiece hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank You! 🌿✨"

Demetrica Williams / Owner of Vassé Rendezvous

“Thank You Gueston for your continued loyalty, support and dedication. I am so proud of your growth as a professional and as a human being. This past year, I have really seen you come into your own professionally, with confidence & maturity. I can't wait to see what 2023 has in store for you on the Kubed Living front. I think we are finally on the brink of some great things and I cannot think of anyone better to be on this journey with me."

Katalina Klein / President of Kubed Living

“Gueston is Professional, Genuine, Authentic, Innovative & Creative.

You will not be disappointed."

Danielle Gray / Founder of Train Like A Gymnast, Model, Speaker & Celebrity Trainer

“From start to finish we had a 10/10 experience with Gueston. From the very beginning he was willing to work with us to make sure we got the exact package we were looking for. He was willing to hop on a call at anytime to discuss ideas and variations, and had a lot of professional insight that helped guide us to our finished product. Our logo was a part of a rebranding so it was really important to us to get it right, and Gueston nailed it."

Kelsie Jeffords / Creative Netwerk

“Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Working with Gueston was an amazing experience. Highly professional, affordable, amazing quality and rapid response time."

Renetria Jackson / The Curators of Culture

I can't say enough about how fantastic it was to work with Gueston. He was very attentive to the elements I was looking for in the logo. He offered several design options, each one unique and on point. I wish I could have used every one of them, as they were all fantastic.  And, despite my many requests for alterations, he listened to my input and promptly responded with artwork and recommendations for the best possible product."
If you're looking for someone to help with your branding, logo design, or any other creative elements to use for promotion or social media, I highly recommend him. Tell him I "sent you".

Eva Vazzana / IVAVI Music

“Gueston of Guesscreative is a very talented individual. If you need any design work done, logos, graphics, architecture etc., I highly recommend Guesscreative."

Dana Miller / Martial Artist - Owner of KIX Martial Arts

“Gueston was a great partner to work with. He was very professional, quick to respond and understanding when an issue arose. His designs came to life and looked fantastic. He was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again."

Kimberly Weber / CGS Premier