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The Journey of a Lifetime: From Childhood Curiosity to Architectural Innovation

Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, my childhood was anything but ordinary. I was a curious and adventurous child, always on the move, always discovering. My journey from an inquisitive boy to an award-winning designer is a tale of exploration, creativity, and relentless pursuit of dreams.


My Father's World of Wonder

Imagine a backyard that was part treasure trove, part playground. That was my father's domain—a world where every corner held a new surprise. My dad was like a suave version of Fred Sanford, collecting everything cool he could find. He was a builder, model, maintenance man, cook, and the smoothest dresser around. Exploring his backyard & garage sparked my curiosity and ignited my imagination, teaching me to see beauty in the mundane and potential in the overlooked.

Gueston & Bobby
Bobby & Demetrica

Embracing Independence and Creativity

When my parents separated, I moved to Forest Hill with my enterprising mother. She was a dynamo of creativity and independence, always finding innovative ways to create opportunities. Whether crafting and selling gift baskets or working as a travel agent, she rarely worked for others. Her entrepreneurial spirit became my blueprint, showing me that with creativity and determination, anything is possible.


The Great Outdoors: My Playground and Classroom

From basketball and biking to climbing trees and flipping on trampolines, the outdoors was my playground. I challenged myself with new adventures daily, balancing good grades in school with thrilling escapades. I was the king of hide and seek, always finding new ways to test my limits. These experiences taught me resilience and resourcefulness—qualities that are now the backbone of my career.

Gueston Canoeing
Gueston in Nature
Gueston in Nature

Influences and Inspirations

Family was my anchor and my inspiration. My uncle, a boxer and motorcycle enthusiast, and my grandpa, a 2Pac fan, epitomized coolness and smoothness. They taught me the importance of staying true to oneself and finding joy in every moment. Art was another passion, even though I wasn’t the best artist. I loved bringing my ideas into reality, earning several art awards as a child. This early love for art and design continues to drive my creative projects today.

Leron - Gueston's Grandfather
Gueston on Motorcycle

Early Mastery of Technology

By twelve, I was already designing homes on the computer, merging my love for technology with my passion for design. This early tech-savviness set the stage for my future endeavors, allowing me to innovate and push the boundaries of traditional design. From educational computer games to sophisticated architectural designs, technology has always been my playground.

Young Gueston
Young Gueston

Leadership and Social Skills

Leadership came naturally to me. I was a neighborhood leader. I had the fun house with friends from all walks of life flocking to my house to enjoy a good time & great people. This ability to connect with diverse people has been crucial in my professional life, helping me build strong teams and foster collaborative environments. It’s a skill I continue to hone, ensuring every project is a collective success.

Continual Exploration and Innovation

Just as I explored the woods as a teenager, visualizing different spaces within nature, I continue to explore new ideas and innovations in my field. This mindset drives me to create designs that are not only functional but also harmonious and inspiring. It’s about seeing the world differently and finding beauty and potential in every corner.

The Future of Guesscreative

At Guesscreative, we bring this rich tapestry of experiences and influences to every project. Our designs are not just about structures but about creating spaces that inspire and elevate the human experience. From mobile spaces to luxury homes, every design reflects our commitment to innovation, creativity, and excellence.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Stay tuned for more insights and stories from the world of Guesscreative. Let’s continue to explore, create, and inspire together.

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