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Gueston Smith, Founder and CEO of Guesscreative LLC and Head of Design at Kubed Living, is an innovative multidisciplinary designer driven by a passion for creating empathetic & impactful experiences / building assets. A manifesting generator & a Jeet Kune Do martial artist, Gueston thrives on the creative flow, constantly experimenting and embracing new challenges. Motivated by the memory of his late younger sister Talyia, who had special needs, and the challenges his mother faced in finding an accessible home, Gueston embarked on his journey to become a designer of empathetic solutions and graduated from the USC School of Architecture in 2015.


Through his projects at Guesscreative and Kubed Living, Gueston empowers communities by reimagining the use of space across diverse projects, including custom shipping container homes, gyms, wine bars, lounges, accessory dwelling units, backyard offices, mobile business trailers, philosophy, apparel, and footwear. Gueston became a 2x International A'Design Award Winner in 2024 for Mental Health and Wellness Spaces & in Education, Teaching Aid and Training Content Design. Gueston also received his Certified Professional Building Designer certification in 2024. With over 100 modular and shipping container projects designed since 2019, and 15 state-approved by the California HCD since 2022, Guesscreative is a force in reimagining space.


Gueston's latest endeavor introduces movable expandable pods and trailers. He is seeking to reimagine how various industries utilize space. With a focus on project leadership, creative conscious design, space optimization, collaborative expertise, problem-solving, and continuous learning, Gueston is redefining the boundaries of design innovation in the built environment.


Taalib is the founder of THE SABER FIRM, A premier law firm servicing the business and entertainment community supporting Guesscreative in Intellectual Property Rights. Attorney Taalib Saber is a native of Temple Hills Maryland, a town located in Prince George's County less than 2 miles from Washington, D.C. Before opening The Saber Firm, LLC., Taalib worked as "of counsel" at criminal defense, civil rights, and personal injury law firms in Baltimore and Greenbelt. Saber assisted with and represented clients in cases involving (but not limited to): serious felonies and misdemeanor offenses, denial of rights to health care services while imprisoned, and automobile accidents. 


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