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Charge Cards ⚡︎

* The Charge Card is a small card with a concise, powerful message designed to inspire, motivate, and energize you. Keep it with you as a reminder to approach life with passion, curiosity, and a positive mindset. The number you chose coincides with the message given.  Before entering the party, draw a Charge Card, read it aloud, and let its message fuel your energy and enthusiasm. Let's Go!


Thank you for Coming to Celebrate My 31st Birthday With Me.

It's about to be a Good day with Better people. Enjoy Yourself.

BUT To Get Started: 

I need One Thing from you.

That will be...Get Your Charge Card ⚡︎

1. To Get Your Charge Card ⚡︎

  • Press Your Favorite Number Below. 

  • Read the Message & Action Out Loud

  • Save Your Charge Card. 

  • Subscribe to


Go Enjoy Yourself. & Pay it Forward.

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