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Designer Creates a Unique Shipping Container Lounge for Vassé Rendezvous, an Outdoor Event Venue

Updated: Apr 26

Luxury Shipping Container Lounge
Vasse Rendezvous Outdoor Event Venue Shipping Container Lounge

Project: Vassé Rendezvous

Scope of Work: Luxury Shipping Container Lounge for Outdoor Venue

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Lead Designer & Project Manager: Guesscreative LLC

Container Fabricator: -

Vassé Rendezvous is run by my mother, Demetrica Williams. This wonderful woman dreams of offering a place where people can come together to celebrate their unique experiences and enjoy the outdoors, whether for leisure, socializing, or business. She utilizes her beautiful 10 acre property in Fort Worth, Texas to rent out the space for intimate celebrations such as birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, family reunions, corporate picnics, etc. Demetrica desired a unique space to compliment the breathtaking property. She also needed an office space to be able to oversee these gatherings comfortably. Understanding her needs and budget, I began the process of developing a design to bring her vision to reality.

I proposed to utilize a new / one Trip 40' High Cube (HC) Shipping Container to give her ample space. The dimensions of a standard HC shipping container is 8-0" W x 40'-0"L x 9'-6"H. That is 320 SF of floor area. The containers are strong, durable and fire resistant. They can be an efficient use of space when designed effectively. I needed to make sure that this project would be fabricated in a controlled factory setting by professionals, allowing for a better space. I knew that lounge space would be a valuable rentable asset for Vassé Rendezvous.

I placed a 8' x 7' office on one end to maximize the long rectangular shape of the shipping container. The rest of the space will be maximized as the lounge area for those coming in from the hot sun or windy weather. The lounge area was strategically placed on the side of the shipping container double doors to give the flexibility of having an open space with 3 different door locations. This design decision gave passive ventilation and ample natural lighting. To add some flavor to the lounge, a rooftop deck with set of stairs welded onto the short end was added as well. The rooftop deck will add a layer of open air seating and an additional 320 SF to occupy which maximizes the amount of people that experience the lounge.

Guesscreative executed the vision by designing the floor plans and elevations that gave the fabricators a clear concept of what is required for the project.

Demetrica chose the paint colors she wanted, a deep chocolate exterior with beige interior, luxury vinyl tile flooring and ebony stained wood composite for the rooftop decking that also has cable wire railing. The windows and large 8' mirrored french doors have a bronze finish along with the beautiful sconces. The doors were very expensive.

Lounge Floor Plan w/ MEPs:

Shipping Container Lounge Floor Plan designed by Guesscreative

Lounge Section:

Shipping Container Lounge Sections & Elevations by Guesscreative

Visual Renderings:

Luxury Shipping Container Lounge Concept

Luxury Shipping Container Lounge Concept

Custom Shipping Container Lounge Structural Reinforcements:

All openings were reinforced by 2x3 metal HSS framing.

Shipping Container Door Opening Structural Reinforcements with HSS Tubing

Exterior Wall Assembly:

- Shipping Container Corrugated Metal

- R-13 Sprayfoam Insulation

- 2x4 Prime Whitewood Wood Studs

- 1/2" Drywall

Shipping Container Interior Wood Stud Framing

There is also R-6.5 sprayfoam insulation in the floors & R-19 in the ceilings.

Shipping Container Closed Cell Sprayfoam Insulation and interior wood framing

The electrical panel is 150 Amps and the space will be heated / cooled by a 12,000 BTU Ductless Mini Split System with two blowers.

Shipping Container Lounge Electrical Panel, mini split condenser and leveled placement

Shipping Container with 8' mirrored french doors

Shipping Container doors and ceiling fan

Shipping Container finished interior wall
Luxury Shipping Container Structure with Rooftop Deck
Shipping Container Rooftop Deck with LED lighting
Luxury Shipping Container Lounge on beautiful 10 acre Vasse Rendezvous property in Fort Worth Texas
Luxury Shipping Container Lounge on beautiful 10 acre property in Fort Worth, Texas
Ambient Luxury Shipping Container Structure with Rooftop Deck

I am grateful that the build came out successfully. We learned a lot during the process, particularly what to look for when building with certain fabricators.

If you'd like to learn more or if you'd like to have structure designed and fabricated for you, please contact me.

To See More of the Outdoor Venue: Vassé Rendezvous

Phone: 8179373793 (Shoot a Text First)

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