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The "I AM" Self-Awareness Chart - A Designer's Tool For Self Realization

What's Good Family! I have something special to share with you. So, I've crafted this nifty tool for our journey to unleash the power within ourselves – I call it the "self-awareness chart."

Yep, you read that right. This chart began as a simple sketch, a way to have a heart-to-heart with my damn self. You see, visuals are my thing. Creative reflections, they're like little puzzles that get pieced together in my mind and spark enlightenment over my being. I understand that our society can be a little dry on self-love. & Yes I'm that guy who encourages self belief, self love, self growth. I'm cool with that because I see a better world. Imagine a world where everyone gave themselves the same love, patience, and grace that they give others. "Just BE," as my good brother Nate Howard insists. Can you relate to that? The more we unwind into our true selves, the smoother we flow with the current of life. That's when the choices we make start to shine, lighting up our path to where we wanna be.

Now, picture this: a self-awareness chart, born from the tapestry of Mind Maps. Those maps? They're tools to enable our thoughts – helping us see, organize, and make sense of the crazy mess inside our heads. It's like jazz for the brain, notes connecting in ways that catch you off guard. My dad always told me that "the right tools get the job done faster." And you know what? Charting ourselves, will be like uncovering hidden treasures along an exciting journey.

Why did I create this chart of myself? Well, let me tell you. I made one for myself and didn't pay attention to it for months but when I came back to it, I felt proud. "This could definitely be something others could use!" I said to myself. This self-awareness chart will give wings to our imagination. So, I visualized myself as the avatar I see myself to be, mapping out my core values, quirks, physical goals, decisions, things I'm proud of, and things I wanted to improve.

Oh, don't get me wrong – becoming the best version of "me" isn't easy. Success is the progression realization of a worthy goal. Long term goals give me things to look forward to. Every twist and turn requires grit & discipline but the progression made – feels like success. It feels right. I believe everyone has their own unique compass to steer their ship. For some, it's therapy. Others, meditation. Me? I meditate, journal and create sketches and charts that plumb the depths of my mind.

There are layers to introspection. Layers peeled back like an onion that can make you cry – but ay, whatever we need to do to heal in a healthy way, I'm for it. We gotta clock in with who we are and where we are: mind, body, soul, wallet, etc. But that's not it. How are we? right now? The choices and decisions we made led us to this very heartbeat.

Speaking to yourself, it's not just a conversation. It's an art form. I mean, think about it. Would you talk shit to your best friend when they're down? I'd hope not. So make sure you give yourself the same love, patience and respect that you'd give someone you cared about. If you don't speak to yourself with respect, love and patience, who else will? You're the Picasso of your thoughts. Paint them in shades of respect, hues of love, and brushstrokes of patience.

Being a designer, I remix reality with every blink. My mind is like a kaleidoscope of customizations and upgrades. It's like catching an alternate reality in my hands. Now, we can all see, but can we envision? That's the magic – to see the unseen, to glimpse what hasn't yet arrived. And trust me, seeing is believing.

Now, if you're up for the ride, buckle in. Becoming the greatest version of "you" starts with a deep dive into your depths. It's an artful dance of strength, diligence, softness, and honesty. You don't have to reflect on everything at once. This life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Remember: most folks stagnate because they replay negative thoughts in their heads over and over again. Time to rewrite that playlist. Negative or positive, scribble those thoughts out and let them fly.

You're a masterpiece, remember that. Right now, this instant, you're a work of art in progress. No rush, no fuss. Just remember: the key to the kingdom lies in your thoughts. Your reality sprouts from those seeds. The journey is the prize. So, let's chart, let's dream, let's explore the unexplored.

If you found this helpful, shoot me an email. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


"I AM" Self Awareness Chart (For Men)

"I AM" Self Awareness Chart (For the Men)
Download PDF • 681KB

"I AM" Self Awareness Chart (For Women)

"I AM" Self Awareness Chart (For the Women)
Download PDF • 681KB

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