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Make Life a Game Worth Playing

Updated: Jan 2

Madden 24 Create A Player: A snapshot of Madden Create A Player mode showing the beginning of the creation process

Gaming is often seen as just entertainment, but it can be so much more. As a child, I was that curious explorer, eager to understand myself and the world around me. Video games like Def Jam Fight For NY, WWE, Grand Theft Auto, Midnight Club III Dub Edition, UFC and NBA Live / 2K are just a few games that gave me a creative outlet to visualize different possibilities. Their create-a-player features let me design characters that represented my strengths, my culture, my deepest dreams.

Through experimentation, I could stretch my imagination in all directions. Different hairstyles, outfits, super powers - each choice offered new ways of expressing myself. The games also taught me that in order to unlock new levels for myself, I'd have to put in work to gain the experience, wisdom and skills to upgrade my character. It was exciting to step into these virtual shoes, to see myself in so many new lights.

I was able to catch a glimpse into my own potential - untitled and unmeasured.

Gueston's Personal Development Chart: Inspired by Def Jam FFNY

These games let us transcend everyday limits with the ability to restart when something isn't working to our liking. We can shape identities free from societal constraints. Experimentation is key. The more we engage with different customs, skills and styles, the more we understand ourselves and what we are drawn to. Curiosity is our superpower.

NBA Live Create A Player

Games like The Sims take it further. We design our character’s personality, lifestyle, even their home. Every choice shapes their story. This process mirrored my own growth. I was assigning my own personality points, building my own future. Our lives are defined by the goals we choose and the actions we take.

Sims Create A Player

These games remind us that we are the designers of our destinies. We have the paintbrush; our lives are the canvas. Limitless potential lies within each of us, just waiting to be unlocked. To find it, we must search for more examples of how to live. We must take what's useful and leave the rest. We must be bold and imaginative as we shape our path.

Red Dead Redemption Create A Player

Life is a game but play it seriously. Understand that you are on your own journey to creating your reality. Let’s approach life with the same freedom and creativity games provide. Let’s dream big, create fearlessly, and see challenges as opportunities. Like a great video game, our quest is meant to be fulfilling. The only limits are those we impose on ourselves. When we engage the world with optimism and an open heart, we unlock abilities we never knew we had. Every day offers new chances for growth and self-discovery. Live boldly, guided by your own inner light, your intuition. With willpower, a thirst for knowledge and a positive mindset, we can achieve anything.

The Real Question Is, How Will You Design Your Own Player in the Game of Life?

Def Jam FFNY Start Screen


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