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Meet the Team of Creative Luxury Futurist Designers.

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Gueston Smith - Founder / Creative Director 

Pleasure to meet you. My name is Gueston Smith, I am a manifesting generator which means I stay in the creative flow of experimenting. I am the founder of Guesscreative, a design / build company developed to create cool projects & empower businesses and entrepreneurs through design.

I graduated from University of Southern California school of Architecture in 2015 with a Bachelor's of Architecture, a career path that I chose due to a promise that I made to my mother when I was 12 years old to one day become an architect so that I could design a handicapped accessible home for my younger sister, Talyia, who was happy and healthy little princess diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Talyia passed away when I was 14 years old as has been my motivation to succeed ever since.

My experiences have crystallized my desire to listen, visualize and create for others. I created Guesscreative originally as a service to design logos that resonate and empower individuals to start their own businesses. Which gave me the motivation and creative freedom to quit my corporate job and empower myself to chase my own dreams.

I am currently the Head of Design at
Kubed Living, a startup company that designs & coordinates the construction of modern shipping container / modular homes all around the United States through state approval.
I also train Jeet Kune Do, a martial art created by Bruce Lee. It has been an important addition to my personal philosophy and actualization of the physical body. I look forward to taking the philosophy of "taking what's useful & leaving the rest" and applying it to Guesscreative.

Over the course of my career, I have designed custom homes, lounges, offices, wine bars, gyms, duplexes, multi-family units, live work spaces, ADUs, TV studios, coffee kiosks, portable architecture, mobile retail spaces, mobile classroom spaces, logos, brand identities and even electric ATVs. My passion is creation and I'm looking forward to creating with you. With the experience & relationships that I've developed over my career, I am expanding the Guesscreative to create unique & innovative products, design services & design education that create a sense of place through social, cultural and emotional experience

Contact: gueston@guesscreative.com

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Niko Perkovic - 3D Visual Design

Hello! I am Niko Perkovic. I am a 3D Visual Designer. I was born in a little city called Knin in Croatia and live in a town called Perkovic. I have a B. A. in Information Technology in Croatia.  I grew up training Taekwondo and playing basketball with my brother but most of all, I loved video games. Warcraft 3, Need for Speed Underground 2 & Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas were some of my biggest inspirations to get into 3D design. I wanted to learn how to create mods so I installed 3DS Max and the rest was history. I see the world in wireframes and angles. When I see objects that I like in the world, I often imagine how I could recreate them in a 3D program. Crazy Right? It's my passion. I deeply enjoy creating automotive projects but able to create anything with a hard surface. I'd like to work in the 3D Design world until I get too old to click a mouse! Enough about me, Tell us about you & your project!