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Gueston Smith

Visionary Design

Welcome to the Desgin Page of Guesscreative LLC, where innovation meets functionality to transform spaces and lives. Founded by Gueston Smith, our mission is driven by a commitment to empowering communities through creative, flexible design solutions.


Our portfolio showcases a range of visionary projects from custom shipping container homes and modular living spaces to expandable business pods and inspirational media.

Each project at Guesscreative LLC is a testament to our dedication to excellence, sustainability, and innovation. We design with the community in mind, integrating social, cultural, and emotional elements to create spaces that not only meet functional needs but also enhance the quality of life for their users.

Dive into our diverse projects, including state-approved residential and commercial structures that redefine modern living and working environments. Discover how we utilize cutting-edge technology and bold aesthetics to push the boundaries of traditional architecture and design. Whether it's a bespoke home, a mobile business trailer, or a multifunctional community hub, our work is tailored to inspire and facilitate growth in every endeavor.


Explore, imagine, and connect with us as we continue to shape spaces and futures.

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